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In-flight hi-fi in-ear binaural audio recordings

Audio Preview

In-flight hi-fi in-ear binaural audio recordings

by svenx

Published December 31, 2007

While on vacation, I brought my R09 recorder to record in-flight audio and also record how my spanking new AudioTechnica ATH-ANC7 noise-cancelling headphones. The recordings are of rather high quality and available in lossless format without any filtering. The only processing on the files are fade-in and fade-out and also reducing the volume of some of the clicks resulting from turning the noise-cancelling unit on and off.

The idea with this is that you can
*hear how well the ANC7's performed in a real scenario.
*use the recordings to simulate an in-flight scenario to test other noise-cancelling headphones.
*use the recordings for whatever purpose you want; they are in the public domain.

Please note:
*For best results, use high-quality headphones to listen to the recordings.
*You don't need to download all files. To get the best impression on how the ANC7's performed, try either boeing777-ath_anc7-test3 or airbus319-ath_anc7-test.
*The FLAC files are encoded using the reference libFLAC 1.2.1. By the time of writing, this is fairly new, so some players might have problems playing the files. If you hear skipping, pauses or the player stops after some seconds, you probably have to update the FLAC decoder library in your player, or reencode the files to a different FLAC version or format.
*There is quite a lot of rumbling low-end in the recording, as they have not been filtered at all. You might want to filter out some of the low-end, depending on what you use the recordings for.


Recording equipment:
Roland/Edirol R-09, 24-bit 48kHz (max) setting
Sound Professionals SP-TFB-2 in-ear binaural microphones

Encoding information:
FLAC: reference libFLAC 1.2.1 20070917, --best compression

File descriptions:
boeing777: China to Paris, Air France Boeing 777-300/ER, 2007-12-31
airbus319: Paris to Norway, Air France Airbus A319-111, 2007-12-31

airbus319-ambience-unfiltered (4:15)
Recorded in the middle of airplane with not much going on. Some
occational sounds from passengers.

airbus319-ath_anc7-test (1:27)
0:17 : Putting on headphones (noise cancelling enabled)
0:36 : Disabling noise cancelling
0:46 : Removing headphones
0:51 : Putting on headphones
0:55 : Enabling noise cancelling
1:09 : Removing headphones
1:12 : Putting on headphones
1:14 : Removing headphones
1:16 : Putting on headphones
1:21 : Removing headphones

boeing777-ambience-unfiltered-pt1 (6:22)
Recorded in the middle part of economy class. Flight attendants
speaking. General sounds from passengers.

boeing777-ambience-unfiltered-pt2 (4:25)
Food is being served. Lots of rumbling with plastic bags and sound of
people eating and chatting.

boeing777-ambience-unfiltered-pt3 (1:57)
Rather quiet. Not much going on.

boeing777-ambience-unfiltered-pt3 (7:08)
Rather quiet. Not much going on.

boeing777-ath_anc7-test1 (0:50)
0:11 : Putting on headphones (noise cancelling disabled)
0:17 : Enabling noise cancelling
0:43 : Disabling noise cancelling
0:47 : Removing headphones

boeing777-ath_anc7-test2 (2:24)
0:08 : Putting on headphones (noise cancelling disabled)
0:17 : Enabling noise cancelling
0:23 : Connecting to in-flight video system
1:04 : Disabling noise cancelling (input audio remains connected)
1:17 : Enabling noise cancelling
1:39 : Removing headphones
1:50 : Putting on headphones
2:12 : Removing headphones

boeing777-ath_anc7-test3 (4:05)
0:09 : Putting on headphones (noise cancelling disabled)
0:24 : Enabling noise cancelling
1:15 : Removing headphones
1:29 : Putting on headphones
1:35 : Disabling noise cancelling
1:48 : Enabling noise cancelling
1:56 : Removing headphones
2:08 : Putting on headphones with in-flight video system
2:40 : Disabling noise cancelling
2:46 : Enabling noise cancelling
3:15 : Removing headphones
3:23 : Putting on headphones
3:54 : Removing headphones


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